Williams Lake {corn picking}

Monday, September 26, 2011

every year since Grady was a baby...we've headed out to the u-pick corn....its a great way to spend an afternoon!~this year we brought along some great friends. Not much corn picking was happening from the kids...just a lot of silliness and racing thru the corn. the challenge is to get one photo of them all looking....Grady just had to go in for a Dawson hug...silly boys!~
september is almost coming to an end....I need to get back on with my usual blogging and such. Just sorting out our schedules...from dance, gymnastics, sparks, brownies, school and more. ~or should I say the kids schedules! we're getting into a groove with it all!~I will work on catching up on my blogging when I finish my big run next weekend. stay tuned!~


Monday, September 19, 2011

summertime bliss...here is a quick snapshot from our l'il visit with our cousins this summer. Grady had to be bribed to get in the photo...you will notice he brought his bird tia in the frame for "grama" to see too!~
Our visits are always too short...the girls wish Serena lived closer!~ (Jesse and Eli too!)

{a day in the life} the Watson's

Monday, September 12, 2011

This is my August project...I had a break from my {52} week project of my kids...and was working on another project. This is the day in the life of us.... (I didn't prep that kids...except to grab my camera in the morning and take it with us all day) You'll notice G is almost naked by the end...he doesn't like clothes...and Carrigan likes to change hers several times day day!:)

it was a great day. We started out as usual and did some back to school shopping, lunch out, and much more...never a dull moment with these three. Enjoy!
I miss these great days as we are in the back to school swing...missing the late dinners on the deck....now its rushing to get everyone into bed at a decent time. until next year!~

{Helping Hearts} Alex

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am very privileged to be part of Helping Hearts it  is an amazing project with the goal of offering free photography sessions for families with children who are suffering a life-altering illness or disability. Check out their site here.

Meet Alex and his family. Alex has Menkes disease. He started out with seizures as an infant and was given until his first birthday. He is now 18.5 months old. A daily miracle for his family!:)
I spent a lovely warm evening with this loving family!~the Dad wears the symbol tattooed on his neck for Menkes....Alex did amazing and showed us his gorgeous eyes and even laid on the blanket by himself without getting upset.:) Wishing your family all life's blessings!

Menkes disease (MNK), also called Menkes syndrome, copper transport disease, steely hair disease, kinky hair disease, or Menkes kinky hair syndrome,[1][2] is a disorder that affects copper levels in the body,[3] leading to copper deficiency.[4] It is an x-linked recessive disorder, and is therefore considerably more common in males: females require two defective alleles to develop the disease.

{back to school}

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

how fast time goes by....grade 1 and grade 3... they were mighty tired girls tonight. back to lunch packing, singing in the car to school, and just plain missing my lovely ladies during the day.:(

Bleeding Heart {back to school}

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm just going through my summertime photos...I came across this photo of a bleeding heart....ahh summer here will be coming to an end...with cooler nights and shorter days. With the leaves starting to change~ahhh the season of fall is upon us! A sure sign is the start of school....tomorrow is the 1st day of Grade 1 for Carrigan and Grade 3 for Makenna. Oh boy is their little brother G not going to be very happy about this!~along with their Momma. I'm the type of mom that loves to have her children close at home...a bleeding heart is fitting.
Happy back to school to all~

{3 years old shoot!} Grady

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where oh where does the time go....3 THREE years old~ my little boy! He is such a handsome fella. HE is a momma love...and a busy boy whom is wise to momma and her camera...Here is a few shots of him at Nana's garden which he's had his bday photos taken each year since he was one.... I love the last photo...he's eating rasberries from the garden.

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