{e-session} J&B

Friday, July 13, 2012

only for these two would I take myself into the "rattlesnake" infested hills of Arizona during the hot season to capture these shots. At one point I forgot about the snakes and scorpions and even lied down on the ground....I get the jeebies just thinking of it...from the scorpions to the snakes homes~ your both worth it.

The best part....is this session was published on a wedding blog!!!! Yay! first time I've been published...so excited that it was with these two. Check out the link by CLICKING HERE.

thanks for sharing your lovely smiles and time with us. We are all thrilled to have you in our lives.
Check out their lovely e-session shots....we will still be doing an urban shoot...but these were too cool to miss.  wishing you a lovely lifetime together ( close to us I hope) xo tam

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