{week 12} birthday girl fun

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a family fun birthday afternoon...with several games of mexican train. then grandpa/nana for dinner and cake. Its official our Carrigan is 8 going on 13! We love her to bits. xoxoxo my carebear!

I love this one...grady being grady

{week 11} spring=watermelon

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

our favourite time of year....deck time and watermelon season. I think we're on our 4th watermelon at our house. A great pre-game, pre-brownie snack for the girls...and grady will have watermelon at anytime!
Happy Spring

{week 10} pool fun

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

we've been enjoying our family holiday away...with loads of fun pool time. these are some fun pool time pictures of the trio...


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ahhhh!!!! So excited to share my project that I have so secretly been working on for months!!! I will give you the goods on how this all came about...
sorry you are going to get the long winded version...for as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a wedding photographer/coordinator!~ I've always loved party planning. And what better way to spend a day but with a gorgeous couple who are promising to spend their life together. I still to this day remember the excitement of being pampered and slipping into a pretty dress for my wedding day!~ as a women you feel so beautiful! so jump ahead...I'm capturing weddings for beautiful couples all around our beautiful province!~I feel so blessed for each couple who chooses me to capture their day. I've worked so hard investing time and money into learning my craft for many years. (going digital and having photoshop has been a huge learning curve for me!~still learning!) anyways I am easily distracted...so in my small town I see many "new" photographers coming out of the woodwork each year...and if people chose their photographer on price alone I would surely lose. I run a legit business and yes I have expenses and do wish to make a profit. But that is a whole other story...so stay focused Tammy....
so my wise hubby said you need to find a "niche" something to separate yourself and make yourself unique! (don't worry I will always do weddings and family too! my first love!)
funny story: his suggestion was real estate photography...ughhh sigh! how boring for me. Sorry sweets!
My idea was capturing "beautiful woman" in all walks of life. This is not boudoir (it could be) but boudoir or pin up pictures are not for everyone!~ I wanted beauty pictures that you would be proud to show your daughter or grandmother!
I LOVE Brides...they are just beaming...and it sooo shows in camera! They make my job so easy to get that amazing connection. Then after most women have children and then hide behind the camera or their children...with lots of excuses...wait till my hair is longer/shorter or till I lose that last 10 lbs....no more excuses ladies...I truly feel we as women need to capture our amazinglingness (so not a word! OH well!) I think woman should have a "beauty session" every 10 years...just think 10 years from now to look back and this "hot damn I looks amazing at 35...45...or 55..." no more excuses! We all deserve it!
so let me digress a little more...or ramble whatever you want to call it. First I needed to experience it first hand. so after a little market research...I found the most amazing photographer who is truly has a great gift to offer. www.theprettyroom.com Tacey runs TPR and does a perfect job at it. I booked myself in for a session while in the Okanagan after a wedding I was shooting on a fall weekend. I didn't really tell anyone. I did it for me!~ It was so great! I have amazing images and a perfect album and wall portrait to prove it (huge shout out to Tacey!~I knew I would love it...and you so helped me in my journey) If you have a session with me I will show you my amazing album...I so plan to return for a mother /daughter session in the near future...My daughters think my images are the most beautiful things ever.
So with that under my belt...I schemed and schemed and spent time learning...and more scheming. Then I just did it...with a 4 day weekend in February with an amazing makeup artist...we captured 10 beautiful women. I was so HOOKED! I soooo LOVED it! If there was  any doubt! But I really felt I needed to have a great portfolio of Beautiful women to show off this new "genre" of photography I would love to offer. so here it is.... the long and the short of it all.
I am very proud to offer women of all ages the opportunity to have a session to capture their own milestones...even better do it with your sister, mother, friend or daughter. Let's celebrate you!

so no more waiting for the perfect dress size, hairstyle or whatever is holding you back. I truly promise that I will make you feel and look your best! If you have found yourself saying.."I never look good in pictures"...then let me pose you and get you behind my lens! I dare ya!
Thanks for listening...now head over to my new"Beauty" blogsite and share with all the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in your life!

xo Tammy

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