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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Q: Where are the Beauty sessions done?
A: At a gorgeous private studio located in downtown Williams Lake, BC;  You will be pampered and enjoy a glass of bubbly and some treats during the time we share. Plan to spend 3-4 hours with us.  Let us customize a session just for you. Celebrate your relationships. Enjoy this beautiful session with yourself or your mom, sister, best-friend or partner. Remember to book a night out afterwards, because you will look gorgeous.

Q: Do you shoot on location?
A: We can shoot in and around Williams Lake. If your out of town…send me a message we may be able to work a session into my vacation plans.

Q: What is the investment?
A: This is an investment in clothing, hair & makeup as well as the time and talent of Tammy Watson who specializes in making you feel secure, safe and more beautiful than ever. The first investment is the Beauty session fee for $195 (for hair/makeup and session) and then clients budget $195-$950 for product. A framed wall portrait at $195 *all print purchases include the digital file printable to the size ordered. 

Q: Are the women on your website models?
A: They sure look like models! But absolutely not! We specialize in making women look and feel beautiful at any stage of their life. I truly feel we as women need to capture our amazinglingness (so not a word! OH well!) I think woman should have a "beauty session" every 10 years...just think 10 years from now to look back and think "hot damn I look amazing at 35...45...or 55..." no more excuses! We all deserve it!

Q: Will my images be retouched and how will I see my images?
A: Retouching will be redone on all images where required. For the most part the make-up, lighting, posing and talent of photographer will give amazing results. Any retouching is done as part of the process and there is no additional charge. We will set up a custom viewing session at the Studio within 10-14 days of your session. 

Q: Do you provide outfits?
A: We have a selection of beautiful fabric, outfits, and accessories that can be added to your selections. We encourage our  clients to bring a suitcase of their favourite outfits and accessories or even go shopping for something that will make them feel beautiful. (from formal to casual to sexy)  We will shoot 2-4 outfits at each session. 

I hope that answers a few of your questions…Please contact me for more Beauty Artful Images information.
xo Tammy


enjoy this little slideshow about the beauty sessions…still want to see more. Check out past blog posts HERE. 

love from clients….
My experience with Tammy was one I'll always remember! She had a way of making me feel beautiful even without the make-up! She was extremely encouraging, and knew all the right poses to make the photo's come out wonderfully. I would absolutely, 100%, recommend Tammy for a Beauty session!          K

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