Helping Hearts ~ Fundraiser

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Link to facebook page below. Click on fan page and click like for page and then will find link on page for upcoming Auction on facebook event page. Highest bid placed by 7pm April 3 will win the photography package.

Thanks to everyone for their is closed and $250 was raised for Helping Hearts   xoxo Tammy

{birthday fun} chocolate fudge cupcakes....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it was Kent's birthday this past week along with the end of spring break. We thought we'd surprise him with one of his favourite meals according to Carrigan; maui ribs from Margetts meats, bbq spuds and ceasar salad.  I think it may be Carrigan favourite meal too~
For dessert I thought we'd keep it simple. While away in Vancouver; my friend tried a tolberone chocolate brownie dessert at Earls. She said it was very yummy. So I copied my making simple brownies and putting in cupcake holders with a section of tolberone chocolate place in the top. Carrigan was happy to help with this baking project. She is becoming quite the little chef and kitchen helper.  We served them warm with a dollop of whip cream. The girls placed candles in them and we did our rendition of Happy birthday to a please is Grady serving "daddy's cake" to him...then he grabbed an extra fork and shared.

Helping Hearts~ new promo video

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helping Hearts new promotional video. I love this organization. Please share the link or video with those who you think will benefit good for anyone all across Canada. 

Helping Hearts from brellowproductions on Vimeo.

{Eco friendly} ~ Planet Box

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I spotted these "go green" lunch boxes a while back and showed the girls. I've been trying to eliminate the need for "ziploc" bags and plastic containers in our home. You can imagine how many I use with 2 girls with lunches everyday. Just wait till I have three to pack. The best part of these lunch kits is that it encourages a "trashless" lunch and hopefully a healthy non processed one too!
The girls each chose there own color back...Makenna is the navy blue, Carrigan is turquoise and Grady got a red one. They come with a set of magnets that can be changed. We ordered an extra set for next year.   Also includes two little tins for messier things like yogurt or? I love the little spot in the middle for a special treat! The girls understand that this will be their lunch box forever (...although Carrigan stated when she is a teenager she may need a bigger one since she might eat more...always thinking!) Lots more sure to check out their website.
 This is  Makenna's lunch for back to school after spring break. They are excited to try them out and do their part by saving on plastic.
Here is a link to the Planet box.

{week 35} spring picnic

Monday, March 28, 2011

I forgot how much fun my kids love being outside. Lucky for us our entire deck is snow warms up nicely during the day. Today with a high of 9 degrees and sunny the kids spent most of it on the deck. carrigan was shoeless most of the time.  The girl is sooo warm blooded! The table and chairs were brought out so that lunch could be served in the sunshine. I remember how I love the kids eating outside. No mess on the floor in the house! Here hoping the snow melts soon....

Helping Hearts

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm away at a photography workshop and while here we met up with some of the ladies from We joined in on a special promotional project today. It included getting to shoot this lovely little lady. L'il Miss "F" took a while to warm up to all the lens pointed her way...once she did she had a some great smiles. (I can't wait to see the results of today's project. I will be sure to share!~)

Gummy boot and shades....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is in the air...cleaned out the snow pant, gloves etc and packed away for next year. While going through the spring stuff we found some boots that the girls outgrew...Grady staked claim to them along with Carrigan's tinkerbell sunglasses...he is thrilled with his new finds. He loves loves his new pink "gummy boots"
here he is styling and ready to head to Kamloops for our mini trip:

{week 34} uncles

Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring break is upon us...we sneaked out to Kamloops for a couple of jam packed fun day with happened to be St Patty's Day (aka my birthday!~) so I was able to sneak in a little time at Chapters and shopping while the kids did the wildlife zoo and more...
the best part might be that they have many many cool things that we never will have...not sure what this is nintendo or ? not really up on the lingo. but the kids thought it was fun...grady was always winning with his unplugged controller. Also the new kitty "gucci" was in the that talk at our house it to get a new kitten!~thanks Josh and Brent~hope you got some rest when we left!~

Our family of 5 for 12...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i love love tara whitney photography...I've followed her raw style for a long while. She captures her children sooo very well. She did a project last year that I thought was great: six people twelve times. It is meant to capture the essence of family...(and make sure momma makes it in some of the photos and in my case daddy too!) this is my version of it...."our family of 5 for 12"
the challenge will be getting Kent in a photo!:) only 1 photo per month...with the 5 of us in it!
here is photo one which I thought was suiting...we are in Douglas arizona outside his father's childhood home....stayed posted for more to come! ~wish me luck!

{week 33} hurry up spring...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

due to our very long long winter! (even with a month in arizona) we are feeling a bit tired of being inside. Today was finally warm out and things we're melting. Kent and the kids helped the melting along with shovels. The plow on the quad worked well to scrape the top layer of slush and ice off the driveway. And puddles...nothing like jumping in puddles to make it seem like spring. Grady was soaked right thru~ it was a great day! This is a before picture when we first went out first in the am. And the first of Carrigans 5 outfits for the day~a mini skirt and tank top even came out~poor girls loves summer wear!

The next 2 weeks is spring break~ here's to hoping all the snow is gone for back to school!

{Week 32} sleeping beauties....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

grady is a lucky little boy...his sister Carrigan will give up her side of the bed and sleep on the end so that he can join in. Movie night and sleepover. I sneaked in and even used flash to capture this candid shot of them all sleeping together in the girls room. Looks like he brought over his camo pillow amongst the pink princess muddle. They are all snuggles with their "blankies"....dora, e i o, and dora blanket!~ sweet dreams.
behind on blogging due to the busy week of play with 101 dalmations last week at the girls school. now two weeks of spring break....bring it on!:)

lovely memories...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this is one of my favorite shots....pretty much captures our lovely days spent together. Good times and lots of fun. The ball was sometimes directed towards me and my camera...I can still hear the giggles. (we were told there were tennis courts...they were basketball worked!)
Here's to spring to start showing its melting self...

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