{memories} Makenna, Carrigan & Grady

Monday, February 28, 2011

wow...i have sooo many photos of our trip...decided to share some individual shots of each kid.

{week 31} puppet show

Monday, February 28, 2011

highlight from last week...uncle & brent came to visit...always an exciting time!~ the kids decided to put on a puppet show. Makenna showed Carrigan & Grady how to make puppets like she did in school. It was so cute. They didn't get that they need to hide their heads or turn the puppets towards the audience...but they had quite the script~ good for some giggles.

A "good cooker" my Grady!

Monday, February 28, 2011

my "good cooker"....he is growing up way way too fast. He loves helping me in the kitchen these days. He can barely reach to add the ingredients into the bowls. Today we made some cheese cornmeal muffins...he was happy to help and then went to daddy's office to tell him about the muffins we made. ~(I love that Kent's office is at home~lots of lunch dates lately!)
from a "good cooker to a good skateboarder" my son will go far in life! LOL!

Holiday house...

Monday, February 28, 2011

missing our holiday house while its been sooo cold! Winter seems to have a great icy grip on us still...hoping March will bring warmer weather. We miss short and sandle weather...
Here is some shots of our holiday house while we spent a great month in Tucson. The distance views are from the park/pool area.

this is the lovely forested trail to our house...full of cactus...

Funny faces....

Monday, February 28, 2011

editing my arizona pictures...came across these funny faces of Grady the good and the pout!

{week 30} creative day...

Monday, February 21, 2011

this was a moment of our weekend. We woke up to -29 degrees...so we didn't venture far. Lots of projects that need to be caught up on. Carrigan needed her show&tell for monday. She needed a poster board with 100 of something on it. (they can now count to 100 en francais!) So we thought and thought and decided to use paper muffin liners to glue on the sheet and decorate as spring flowers. It was hard work...Grady was surprisingly a great helper. Makenna and I were working on costumes for the upcoming performance at her school of 101 dalmatians. We made Scottie outfits, poodle outfits and working on the 80+ dalmatian spots for the shirts... here hoping spring comes back....too cold for us Watson's!!!

Gavin Lake Girl guide winter camp...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

we had a great weekend at Gavin lake...nothing like going from the desert to 3 feet of snow. We had some adventures on cross country skiis, skating, campfires and crafts. My sparks group came with their moms. It was a great chance to get to know everyone! We shared lots of fun and laughs. Makenna spent the time with her brownie group. I seen her in passing on snowshoes and during meals. It was a great time to catch up with friends. Once we turned the lights off we didn't hear a peep! good times... (I only took pictures inside...to busy playing outside!)
we loved the creative crafts Christine shared with us...we learned felting. Carrigan is doing wet felting and covering a bar of soap to use in the tub. We also used sharp needle on foam balls to felt. Great to see how creative the girls were...even the mom's loved it! ~the singing is also a hit!

{week 29} Happy Valentines Day!~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing like going from flip flop weather back to snow and lots of it! the yard is pristine with loads of fresh white snow...perfect for digging out snow forts and building snow people. We had some fun with a spray bottle of colored water. I thought this would make a perfect valentine photo for our weekly photo challenge. happy V day to all!

Valentine Treats

Friday, February 11, 2011

we've only been back home a week...and with soo much other stuff to do...my valentine party planning is lacking!~ i love parties, special occasions, etc. While away I found lots of great activities to do for "heart" day. too bad I don't have much time. Just packing up for winter camp (brownies and sparks) for this weekend with my girls. So today I thought we'd do some of my projects.
the first is a treat on a stick...marshallows dipped in chocolate and then dipped in sugary sprinkles. These ones are for winter camp. I'm going to make some for the girls classes and use longer sticks and make it a bouquet...need to find something to hold the bouquet. the other idea is from a great friend. Mmmmm lemon curd cheesecake and chocolate mouse cheesecake desert cups.{i used chocolate pudding} These are for our dinner guests tonight. Here is a link to this amazingly easy recipe. You can see her variation with fresh rasberries on top. I chose chocolate sprinkles and candy V hearts for mine.

{newborn} Easton Axl

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

....a little sneak peak of this gorgeous l'il man...

...of course he is perfect... he has two amazing parents!~we always hoped C & J would choose to join in parenthood; it's hard to explain how amazing an adventure it is when others may only hear about the lack of sleep, the crying and the poop 
~ it's the moment when you see his face ~ complete love and like he belongs! 
We are sooo excited to be a part of Easton's life.
Welcome to the World. XO

{week 28} goodnight Tucson

Sunday, February 6, 2011

from the start of our trip...I asked (or begged) my family to go out one night for a sunset shoot. this is the shot I had in mind...a great way to end our last night. (and you can't tell that Grady is not too happy about this!)  You can see the slice of moon in between the saguaro cactus.

Go Canucks Go

Thursday, February 3, 2011

how much fun is it to go to a vancouver hockey game with the whole family!~for the price of one ticket in vancouver we took the whole family plus Grama and Auntie Anna to a great game. Luongo had a shutout! 6-0! Grady was glued to the game. There were thousands of Vancouver fans at this game. 13,000 attendees(usually only get 6,000) The jobing.com arena was great! I think we may have to fly down for another game.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

i never tire of this...the sunsets are so amazing! 

we're enjoying the last couple of days of our amazing holiday together

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