{G} 4 years old

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our last blessing that provides us with loads of energy and laughs
name: Grady
AKA: G, G-Bear
age: 4 years old : TWICE!~very excited to have two birthdays...one with friends and one with famly. Thought maybe he skipped a year and was 5!~
friends: Charlie and Dawson (or as he states his "buddies)
likes: broccoli, cucumber, bananas, and grilled cheese (with ketchup!)
dislikes: dinner...so we call it snack time
LOVE his snuggles in the morning, prefers his momma's bed, pet Tia the bird, loves building train tracks, racing cars and driving in daddy's truck.

{Miss C}

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

she is my lovely 7 year old. Full of spunk and love!~ This wasn't her photo vision. I promise that we are going to work on her photo vision for a fun session...soon...

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