{fall bounty} williams lake mini carrots

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

everything in our garden grows "mini". Carrots, beets, pumpkins....all except our amazing year of zuchini. fresh garden carrots enough for a couple of lunch time snacks. This is why I subscribe to the amazing box a week.(Mackin Creek Farms) We'd starve on my bounty.

{fall flowers}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I was cleaning up in the yard and didn't have the heart to pull out these flowers yet. THis one was still so beautiful....guess they don't know its fall....

{week 9} bedtime

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{week 9} bedtime rituals at our house;
this is a big part of our day that includes certain rituals that the children sometimes want to overlook. Brushing teeth is finally getting easy; Grady is finally not screaming for it. he just has to have "his turn" then he will let me have a turn like the girls. Then off to bed with snuggles and bedtime stories. Notice my kids all have their own blankies...Makenna's is dora blankie, Carrigan is "blue" blankie and Grady is "ei i oh". These are crucial in the bedtime ritual. They were devastated that they maybe couldn't bring them on our trip to the UK...so they each packed their own "blankie" in their own backpacks. Simple pleasures.
Then we kiss the girls and Grady and I go and rock/sing before he is put in his own little bed. phhhh....by this time I'm ready for bed too!

{week 8} 1st day of School Ecole Marie Sharpe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yay! Grady is soooo happy picking up his girls from their first day of school....School has become that nasty 6 letter word that Grady doesn't want to hear! It means he doesn't have his best girls to play with...just his momma! Lots of adjusting here at the Watson's. Full-time kindergarten; missing both my girls! So proud how confident and happy they are to be learning.....en francais! Oh happy day to you all (oh happy day is G fav. new song!)

{deer} Williams Lake

Friday, September 10, 2010

I went outside to pick some zucchini from my garden and 2 "baby" deer were bedded down in the neighbors yard on the one side. Startled me! Then I came back out to get something out of shed and they were on the other side of me eating fruit from the neighbors tree....I'm not sure if they should still be with their Momma...but they were pretty cute! Thought I better grab a picture to so the girls....they are already getting more furry for winter....hopefully they just hide out around here. Hunting season is open soon....oh crap now they are  in our yard...I can see from my window by my computer! Probably eyeing up my garden greens. Fall is in the air....

{first day of school} Ecole Marie Sharpe

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carrigan's first day of kindergarten! she was soooo excited...she said to me that she "just loved it!" She is sooo ready for the challenge. Makenna was a little less excited...I woke her during her beauty sleep...hopefully day 2 will be more exciting when she can actually be in her classroom with her actually teacher~ they are still sorting the details!
Grady was sooo sad this am...he wanted to "go school too!" poor boy he is so used to doing everything with his sisters.

{corn picking} Dunlevy ranch in Williams Lake area

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this is our 3rd year of corn-picking...we wanted to go last week but Makenna was away. So the skies parted after school this morning and we took it upon ourselves to head out to pick our corn. This is the first year that Grady would know what was happening...he loved it!( except he spit out the corn:( LOL!)
the first year we picked  grady was 6 weeks old and lied on a blanket amongst the corn. I think this year is the best cornpicking year so far....lots of sweet corn.
 I think its important life lesson for my kids to know where they get there food.
then home to husk, blanche and freeze over 50 cobs of corn....fall fun never ends~

{week 7} armstrong fair IPE

Friday, September 3, 2010

it's me that loves it that most...I love the IPE! good times in a beautiful little town. I love love armstrong such a gorgeous setting for a town. this year we had it hot hot hot again for the fair. lemonade, rides, yummy food and animals! I think we need to expand our trip to include 2 days to take it all in!
here is the crew collecting eggs and apples in the kids section. oh ya...Grady rode his first horse...grin ear to ear!

{week 6} Kin beach fun in Vernon

Friday, September 3, 2010

loving our time in the Okanagan...we love to visit (a part of me wishes we still lived here....so many  people &things I love here!:)   we took the kids to Kin beach to play in the sand since it was such a beautiful evening....
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