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Friday, January 8, 2016

The beautiful and creative soul Joy Prouty didn't disappoint. I arrived dry and needing some inspiration and creative freedom to get back the basics of why I need a creative outlet. It is like air to me...
Big thanks to Joy and her hubby Donny who opened their home and family to all us...it was a pleasure to be part of so many wildflowers journeys. I have been delayed in blogging about this whole experience its like a little secret that I hold in my heart and I don't want the chapter to end. Instead I feel energized and ready to set the new year in motion with creativity and heart. I will share some images from this lovely weekend in Washington.

{"i want to be the open arms for women who are looking to breathe new life into their photographs. i want you to be reminded of the simple and soulful reason you first fell in love with photography. it is my hope that a safe, honest environment is created at my workshops for women to grow professionally, creatively, technically & spiritually while also leaving with fresh tools to run their businesses from the heart. the specifics of what is covered in some of the instruction portion of the workshop is available below. but for me, it goes far beyond just “logistical” instruction… it’s a soul getaway. in this industry it sometimes can feel as though we walk alone, a flame trying to stay lit within a storm, but together the fires of creation burn wild and free; it can be intoxicating! something happens when women gather that stirs the soul. i think oftentimes attendees arrive dry and simply just wanting more. out of life and the art of photo taking and quietly hoping for someone to perhaps give them the permission to do that one amazing thing that they never thought they’d be brave enough to do. i yearn to peel the layers off together, uncovering the deep well that can quench that longing thirst long after we part."} ~Joy Prouty

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