Tammy Watson Photography {365 a year in review}

Friday, October 17, 2014

Its been a whirlwind of a year....our family has had some pretty amazing adventures this year along with some big changes. We have moved from our family home of 13 years to a new home which is 25 minutes out of town in the country. We didn't plan on moving...but that's how things usually happen. So to say the least our summer was rock solid crazy busy with packing, moving!~ We are slowly getting settled and LOVE our new home with the extra space and land. I have kept up with my 365; a photo or two a day. You can follow me on Facebook  to stay tuned in. Or I suggest you start your own. Life is busy and without this picture a day I wouldn't have these memories captured. I can't wait to design an album or two with the photos. Anything goes...some of the photos are straight from my iPhone. A photo is a photo!~

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