{summer fun} Saskatoons

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm amazed each year on the quantity of saskatoon berries that our little bush produces....my kids are forever eating and picking. This day we all pitched in along with our friends O&O to pick some to make some muffins. I made the girls a fresh fruit slushie drink along with muffins for snack time. Then they set up a booth in our driveway to sell their wares. They sold muffins, beaded items...they had signs, tip jar and more....(I warned the mom's who were picking up to bring their loot) They even hit up daddy on his way home. Funny how I even had to spend money on items I paid for in the first place....summer day fun!
Slushie: easy easy ...I used lots and lots of ice,,, a little water and fresh fruit, and 1 tbsp of juice concentrate ( I used limeade here with fresh strawberries/blueberries)

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