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Friday, August 5, 2011

okay I'm not too good about getting photos of all 5 of us....it's tough Kent really really doesn't like having his photo taken....of course unless he's doing something stupid. But none the less...here is all 5....on the top of a little hike we did last weekend while away for the long weekend with friends...I've been so busy this week this is the first time to look at these pics....lots of great memories. the lavington crew....(and their wives and kids) we made a total of 23 people. Wowsa!~great time....my kids will have amazing memories of their adventures with all this crew. They loved their time with their cousins, Hannah & Brennan!:) already planning what adventures we will have next year on our annual Lavington weekend.
Yes it was sunny and hot! We soaked in as much as we could!
finally a hot type weekend here...so we're off to Nana & Grandpa's house for  a weekend of sunshine soaking up!:)

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