{week 9} St Patty's day

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patricks day...AKA Momma's birthday. We love a party. Grady has been excited about my birthday...first wanting to know what I want for a gift and then what kind of cake I want. I really confused the poor little duck when I asked for breakfast in bed. My other request was a picture of me and my crew on this green and snowy morning. I didn't request the snow overnight:(
Makenna was not a fan of the photographer...aka Daddy laughing at her pouty face. So when it was my turn to capture a couple of just the three of them...she was done....later Carrigan told us she stayed up late reading. Hmmmm...you can tell.
Happy Green day to you all. I hope it is a great one!
xo Tammy

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