{styled session} Makenna is 9

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My darling Makenna (AKA Doodle) loves loves to read. She is always sneaking at night to read, bring a book in the car, and getting up early to read. She devours books. We keep stocked up by purchasing in bulk from our local Sally Ann and loading her kobo with her newest favourites. Its so great that she is reading all my favourites from when I was that age....(she even was reading during this session...her sister thought she was faking it. But she grinned and said no she read a few pages!)

I'm so excited that she loves to read it makes learning so much easier if reading is pleasurable to you. And I'm so jealous that she has so much time for reading.

We chatted about what to do for her yearly birthday session. She loved this idea of a field, books and lovely pink things. I'm so in love with these images...I love to see this girl smile...Her eyes light up!~

Can you believe our girl is 9!? She is such a lovely daughter and a great big sister. She was so excited to share these photos with everyone!~I'm so pleased she is proud of them. She is so full of kindness and beauty!

Happy 9th Birthday my girl!~ I hope you have a great year full of great new books! xo Momma

stay tuned...Miss C has plans for her birthday session...not too sure how we're going to pull it off. But we'll roll with it!~
ps: I'm so far on blogging these days...But the sun is shining and summer is short here!~ and my trio is growing too fast...So I'm opting to spend the time outdoors with them creating our memories. I'll catch up when it gets too cold outside for me. Until then I'll keep snapping and save the images to share with you soon.

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  1. Oh Makenna you are such a smart and beautiful girl! Your photos are gorgeous!!


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