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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

While away in Arizona I was fortunate to be able to attend a couple of different workshops/venues related to my photography business. I hooked up tickets to theFIX with Jasmine Star way back  when they came on sale. I had heard great things about her day long workshops and was sure the evening marketing venue would be grand. Who is Jasmine Star? She is a wedding photographer extraordinaire that has taken herself to amazing places in just a short 6 year career. She is amazing at marketing herself in todays world of ever-changing photography world. theFIX is a speaking tour she is doing while busing around the USA...Phoenix was her first stop.
First of all; Venue. Located in Scotsdale AZ. The Clayton on the Park. Great location, amazing drinks...its was a great vibe to walk into this amazing room with other fellow photogs. I secretly admired all the amazing purse style camera bags:) this girl loves purses...and combine with a multipurpose camera bag = love!
Speaking: Jasmine is a confident warm speaker who speaks from her heart and is happy to share her vibe with fellow photographers. She wasn't selling anything...which is unusual in todays' photo world. She was just there to express the need for us to come together and re-invent this industry to a great standard.
The scoop that I got from Jasmine 1)make friends/connect with others in the industry 2)list your goals...to keep you pointed in the right direction 3) play to your strengths; outsource what your not good at! And develop your strengths and loves! 4) break the mold; your the artist so be true to your creative heart  5) Last but not least; WE ALL STRUGGLE. Embrace it. If there's no Struggle. there's no Change...and change for the better is a good thing. (this was all listed on a thanks for coming email from Jasmine...how sweet) Check out pics from theFIX...even one with me beside the lovely Danielle in the green shirt CLICK HERE
Well I did meet two very lovely ladies from Arizona area...Danielle and Michelle. Thanks to Danielle for capturing a photo of Jasmine and I. If you scope out her blog you will see her post on Jasmine and the photos I captured of her and Jasmine.

some people brought iPad to capture photos...I thought that was a funny thing to haul around considering we're photogs!:)

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