52 weeks {week 1} sledding fun

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I finished up my weekly photo challenge of my kids in the summer....since then I've only taken candid shots of them a handful of times. So I've decided to once again start the challenge again. From these weekly photos this is what I design my kids yearly album after. It encourages me to capture them in action in their little life and wow do they change quickly. I LOVE this shot...Grady obviously isn't that thrilled with the super fast ride down the hill and into the fence...even though they did it a half a dozen times....ahhh! winter fun...my kids are wishing for more snow. They like Daddy to pull them on the toboggan with his fast sled.
Game back on...I've been busy this fall...lots of blogging to catch up on! Stay tuned!:)

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