{a day in the life} the Watson's

Monday, September 12, 2011

This is my August project...I had a break from my {52} week project of my kids...and was working on another project. This is the day in the life of us.... (I didn't prep that kids...except to grab my camera in the morning and take it with us all day) You'll notice G is almost naked by the end...he doesn't like clothes...and Carrigan likes to change hers several times day day!:)

it was a great day. We started out as usual and did some back to school shopping, lunch out, and much more...never a dull moment with these three. Enjoy!
I miss these great days as we are in the back to school swing...missing the late dinners on the deck....now its rushing to get everyone into bed at a decent time. until next year!~

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  1. Bronwyn and Cody11.10.11

    Thanks for sharing, I loved watching your typical day......you guys are all awesome.....love you all xxx


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